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How to Unlock Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Titles & Emblems

New to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are Titles and Emblems which make up your Callsign.  Both Titles and Emblems are unlocked by completing various challenges in the Modern Warfare 2 mulitplayer portion of the game.  Trying to complete all emblems and titles is no easy task, so we compiled this list of all of them.  This guide will show you in detail how to unlock all of the titles and emblems in Modern Warfare 2, but that’s as far as we can take you, you gonna have it earn them on your own.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Titles & Emblems Unlock Guide

Weapon Specific Titles

Some titles are unlocked by completing challenges with specific weapons. It is possible to unlock five separate titles for a weapon, but not every weapon will have all five. The five weapon specific titles are rewarded for:

  • Mastery (all attachments, Maltese Cross)
  • 500 Kills (prestige only, grey)
  • 250 Headshots (prestige only, reticule on head)
  • 2500 Kills (prestige only, silver skulls)
  • 2500 Headshots (prestige only, gold skulls)

Prestige  Titles

Some titles are only awarded after a player has decided to prestige.  Non-weapon titles are awarded for finishing certain challenges or reaching certain levels after beginning the Prestige mode.

Modern Warfare 2 Emblems and Descriptions

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