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Nintendo 3DS Battery Life is Concerning

| @FanboyAttack | 7 years ago

Nintendo has revealed the battery life for it’s upcoming handheld, the 3DS.  And yes, it is worse than the iPhone, but I guess that’s somewhat expected considering the device does 3D.   With “soft” play, the approximation of battery life is 3 to 5 hours for 3DS titles.  You can extend that out a bit if you are playing DS titles on the device to around 5 – 8 hours.

As always this battery life is affected by many things.  The screen backlight being one.  This can be adjusted so turning it down will lengthen this life span. While not listed, I would imagine that 3D will also consume battery faster than not using the 3D functionality.  But 3 – 5 hours seems paltry in comparison to the previous handhelds Nintendo has released.

Good thing the device comes bundled with an Ac Adapter.  Because it’s gonna be needed…alot.

Source: Nintendo

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