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Modern Warfare 3 New Ranking System Teased

Robert Bowling recently announced that Modern Warfare 3 will have a brand new ranking system included in its new Spec-Ops mode.  The mode which was briefly hinted on and explained in the announcement of the game is said to be a game changer for Modern Warfare 3.  The Spec-Ops mode is said to be a massive undertaking that contains “some of everything, from missions to survival mode using MP locations, SP locations, and more.

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The mode which is being headed up by Sledgehammer games, more recently was said to have a brand new ranking system, which will allow you to unlock “weapons, gear, killstreaks”.  When compared to Modern Warfare 2, it looks like the mode is going to be a significant upgrade.  Alongside the new ranking system, the spec-ops mode has been reported to have a brand new matchmaking system as well, unlike its predecessor.

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*image above not from Modern Warfare 3

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