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Original Story: “Minecraft Adventure Update, Done!” amended to “Minecraft Adventure Update, Done JK LOLZ” and is now as is.  Thanks, Brian

Minecraft’s anticipated Adventure Update is nearing its official release, as according to Jens Bergenstein of Mojang.  Last week, Minecraft players got a taste of update 1.8, better known as the Adventure Update, and Mojang has acknowledged that the team is putting the finishing touches on the official release.

After taking information from those that tried out the leaked update, Mojang has put the finishing touches on the project, and Notch recently announced:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/notch/status/113661844450836480″]

Expect the official release shortly, UPDATE: or not.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/notch/status/113671655506718720″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/notch/status/113672630070022145″]

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