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Mario & Luigi Drop In On Sonic Drive-In’s Kid’s Meal

| @ScottGrill | 1 year ago

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Sonic Drive-In

Mario and Sonic have teamed up. Only this time, it is the fast-food restaurant chain and not the Sega mascot. Nintendo announced a new promotion Monday that brings Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam toys to Wacky Pack Kids Meals at Sonic Drive-In.

The Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam promotion will run from Tuesday, April 19 through Thursday, June 30 at Sonic. It includes five different toys based on the Nintendo 3DS role-playing adventure title that combines worlds.

One toy shaped like Mario races across the room on wheels, while another featuring Paper Mario and Luigi spins around like a top. Two of the toys even resemble the folded-up paper look of the outrageous papercraft battles featured in the game.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam combines the charming world of Mario & Luigi with the colorful Paper Mario universe,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “SONIC Drive-In is the ideal location to premiere the very first toys based on this unique collaboration.”

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Sonic Drive-In Toys

The game was released to the Nintendo 3DS back in December for Europe and Japan and in January for North America. The game scored a 76 Metacritic review average that was praised for its combat system, but knocked for a paper thin story.

This is not the first time Mario and the gang have shown up in a fast food restaurant’s kid’s meal, of course. They’ve made appearances in McDonald’s Happy Meals a couple of times over the last decade along with Burger King, which had a series of Wii U toys.

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