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The Essential Video Games of 2012

#5 Borderlands 2

#5 Borderlands2

Borderlands 2 feels like a game that shouldn’t exist. There really isn’t anything else like it, and because of that, fans of the franchise that have taken to this unique experience are content with gobbling up all of the content that Gearbox can dish out.

But it’s also a great example of what developers should try to achieve when making a sequel. Preserving the core of the Borderlands experience while bettering the game in nearly every area, Gearbox definitely did well by their fans for this one, and are sure to gain some new ones in the process.

These thoughtful additions added to the formula make Borderlands 2 one of the best games of 2012 thus far.

#4 Mass Effect 3

#4 Mass Effect3

Bioware took a storm of negative press upon the release of Mass Effect 3. A controversial ending prompted the developer to release an extended cut of the game’s ending, better explaining the choices leading up to this trilogy ending title.

The story of Commander Shepard might be over, but Bioware has created such a massive universe with the Mass Effect franchise, we’ll definitely be seeing more of this world.

Despite the complaints, you’d be hard pressed to find a deeper action-rpg than Mass Effect 3.

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