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Frank West Goes Terminator in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record DLC

Capcom Reveals the Cyborg Skills Pack for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record released last week if you need to satiate your blood lust for zombie slayings, and Capcom has also revealed some interesting new DLC that’s on the way.  The Cyborg Skills Pack turns old washed up Frank into a zombie killing machine, literally.  The Cyborg version of Frank West will be granted the ability to electrify the zombie masses with each hit and will feature indestructible body enhancements.

The Cyborg pack will add electrical damage to all regular attacks, increase damage on all melee attacks, as well as increase damage and electric effects with appliances.

The DLC will be available on October 25th for $1.99 on Xbox Live, The PlayStation Store, and PC.

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