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Epic Nerfs Gears of War 3 Sawed Off Shotgun on Fan Request

by | @AttackFanboy | on October 11, 2011

Epic Nerfs Sawed of in Gears of War 3 Multiplayer

Since the Gears of War 3 beta, fans have been complaining loudly about the Sawed-Off Shotgun in Gears of War 3’s multiplayer.  Apparently, Epic has heard these cries and have issued an update to weaken the weapon, and hopefully please fans.

The Epic Forums hosted the announcement earlier today:

“After hearing your feedback, we have reduced the gib range of the Sawed Off Shotgun in Gears of War 3 and it no longer gibs farther than the gnasher, effective today.  We want to thank you for your helping us to make Gears of war 3 the best of the series.”

You’ll still have to watch it when you’re rounding corners however, the Gnasher hasn’t been tweaked at all.   Dammit, I was just getting good with this exploit.  Back to the drawing board.

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