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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Origins Zombies Guide – Free Weapons, Staffs & More


The Four Elemental Staffs

There are 4 staffs that can be made on Origins, each representing an element; Fire (Red), Wind (Purple), Ice (Blue) and Lightning (Yellow). In order to make a staff, you must find 3 pieces of it, and a colored record that corresponds to that staff. You will need to find the Gramophone and colorless record in order to open the build locations for the staff as well, which can both be found on top of, within or surrounding the Excavation Site.

Once you’ve found them, you can place the Gramophone on the table inside the Excavation site, and it will open a stairwell down to the build locations for the staffs. When you find the colored records, you will have to go to the corresponding entrance to the ‘Crazy Place’. You place the Gramophone down again, and it will open a colored portal. Step through it, and go and collect the stone relating to the color of the portal, and return back through it. Remember to pick up the Gramophone when you’re back though.

Staff of Ice

This staff is unfortunately random. It can be the easiest, or the most difficult to collect; it’s based purely on chance. There have been games where I found the 3 pieces easily, and games where I never found the third after 20+ rounds, so there’s no guarantee.

  • Parts 1, 2 & 3: All found in the mounds of earth on the floor. Needs a shovel, but there are lots of shovel locations on the map, including two in the starting room and one by the church. Which mounds will have which pieces are random.
  • Record Location: It’s in the tank station by Generator 3.
  • Crazy Place Entrance: Opposite Generator 6.

Staff of Fire

This staff is collected by completing certain objectives:

  • Part 1: Power up Generator 6 and a part of the staff will be rewarded by the challenge container.
  • Part 2: Kill one of the Panzer Soldats. This is the robot/zombie enemy that first spawns around wave 7 or 8.
  • Part 3: Shoot down the glowing orange plane. This step only seems to appear after already getting 1 or 2 pieces of the staff. The Plane is easy to shoot down, and will drop the final part by the Excavation Site.
  • Record Location: Top floor of the church or by Generator 6.
  • Crazy Place Entrance: Outside of the starting room.

Staff of Lightning

Quite an easy staff, all parts can be seen on the map. You have to find the tank at the back of the Church, activate it for 500 points and ride it to find them though, and you have to jump off in the right places. Part 1 is collected before the tank overheats, 2 and 3 are found on the return trip to the Church:

  • Part 1: Right side, about halfway to the Tank Station. Jump onto the large wooden platform.
  • Part 2: Left side, by the Excavation site. Jump onto a small wooden platform.
  • Part 3: Right side, by the Church. Jump onto the grassy verge.
  • Record Location: Near Generator 4 and the entrance to the Crazy Place.
  • Crazy Place Entrance: Near Generator 5, just past the debris that has to be cleared.

Staff of Wind

Not very difficult, but has to be timed correctly. The three staff pieces are inside the 3 giant robots. You can get in by shooting out the panel on the bottom of a robot’s foot, and letting that foot tread on you. You’ll be teleported inside the robot, where the staff part will be easy to see. You’ll know if you can shoot the panel out because there will be yellow lights on the front of the foot. Best done with a machine gun.

  • Part 1: ‘Left’ side robot, footholes are by Generator 6 and the front of the Church.
  • Part 2: ‘Middle’ side robot, footholes are either side of Generator 4.
  • Part 3: ‘Right’ side robot, footholes are at Generators 2 and 3.
  • Record Location: Near Generator 5, sometimes by the boxes or on the wall.
  • Crazy Place Entrance: Near Generator 4, the other side to Juggernog.

That concludes part 2 of my Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Origins zombies guide, stay tuned to Attack of the Fanboy for incoming Achievement Guides for the Apocalypse DLC and please leave a comment if you found it helpful or if you have any questions.

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