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Bungie Gives a First Look at Destiny 2’s New Hub

| @JenLocke95 | 3 weeks ago

As part of a program called IGN First, Bungie has given players their first extended look at Destiny 2’s new social space The Farm. This location is meant to replace the Tower from the first game which is destroyed at the beginning of Destiny 2.

Narrative Lead Ryan Ebenger walked through the new area with IGN’s Destin Legarie in a video that showcased The Farm’s size and features. The Farm will be inhabited by various NPCs and refugees along with vendors like the Postmaster and Cryptarch. The area will constantly be evolving throughout Destiny 2 with new NPCs coming and going, making The Farm feel more dynamic.

There will be events and activities that players can unlock, however Bungie will discuss those at a later date. If you get tired of shooting the Cabal during your playthrough, there is a small soccer field set up complete with posts that register goals. As people spend more time in the area, Ebenger hopes players will find new ways to create their own fun.

The Farm has a maximum limit of 26 players, but with all of the NPCs roaming around it should feel much more populated than the Tower.

Destiny 2: Tour of the New Social Space “The Farm” – IGN First

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  • Biff Bifferson

    So, they re-skinned the tower with grass and trees. It’s still just robots and morons who say the same thing over and over and over. I figured it would be something like this, a cheap reshuffle of what already exists. I’ll bet we still have to run all over the place to do basic stuff, since the powers that be can’t imagine having the factions next to each other and all the vendors in a central market place. So far I’ve seen nothing that makes me want to buy this DLC.